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Home additions come in a few basic types to address homeowners' needs, costs, and lifestyles. Additions to the house range from inexpensive solar decks to garage conversions. Therefore they are part of an addition, that is since they add a lot of living space at the same time. Additions can cost as much as you want. Some even reach the value of the cost of the main house and many times the value is greater than the price of the main house.

There are several ways to build an addition in your home, mainly they are the following:

- Addition inside a conventional house:

An addition to a conventional house. Is a multi-room structure that is built primarily on the side of a house. And that is permanently open to the main house. When built well enough, the addition of a house essentially blends in and becomes the house itself.

On the other hand, a home addition can have many types of areas. For example, a living room, dining room, bathroom, guest bedroom, or master bedroom. Rarely is a kitchen added to the addition, unless the addition is intended to be an apartment.

Another of the additions in homes very commonly is room addition.

-Room Addition:

Therefore, this type of project is a one-room structure on the side of a house. As a result, its function is only as a bedroom or bathroom. On the other hand, this type of project only increases the size of a single room in the existing house.

Ordinarily, room addition or house addition is a very small addition. That is why the extension or downsizing of addition within a home depends on the square footage within a home.

 -Garage conversion.

A garage is just an accessory for one or two vehicles. So with a garage conversion, it becomes a living space by adding floors and replacing the garage door with a solid wall, and installing a roof. Garage conversions are often converted into living rooms or bedrooms.

Garages are tempting to turn into living spaces. The basic structure consisting of walls, foundations, concrete floors, and a roof is already there. In addition, some of the necessary elements for living spaces, such as electricity and a couple of windows, are already or partially installed. Some garages already have drywall in the studs, leaving one less task to do. But garage conversions can have some drawbacks. For one thing, it can be difficult to aesthetically and functionally blend the conversion with the rest of the home. Major systems like plumbing are usually not in place, so they will need to be installed. Garage conversions have a low resale value and homes without garages are more difficult to sell.

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